Friday, May 27, 2011

Winter lounging

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These photos were from yesterday, when I finished up editing my Melbourne photos in our living room. We don't have a couch (still! Don't know if we plan to get one really) so we set up our sunroom bench mattresses and the cushions that came with the apartment (very funny actually, the apartment came with nothing but the cushions) as our little lounge area. Pretty and comfy enough, can't complain!

It was freezing although the sun was shining, so I had a few pots of earl grey (that I love drinking with raspberry jam) and was wearing my favourite Happy Feet socks and my new Asos cape, which is so soft and surprisingly warm. I snatched it on sale as it was ridiculously cheap (at least compared to Aussie prices); love it that winter is just starting here when the rest of the world is on sale trying to get rid of winter clothing. :)

It was actually quite nice to have a few days off after Melbourne - I slept as if I didn't get to sleep at all down there. From tomorrow on things will be busy again: work, student ambassador work for orientation week and career fair, leadership conference, catching up with darling Tamara and my relatives, and of course the belated 21st dinner with my homie Phong - that's def gonna be a fancy one!

And then the new college term is starting already - ugh no. So not ready.


  1. I was about to say: love the socksss:) and I have also been looking around ASOS, sales are about to begin here too. Love ur photos dear!

  2. Great pictures! I love the jumper :)

  3. ohhh earl grey tea is close to a fave for me, love it! and your cape is sick, i love the print. i need to get back on the asos site asap for some more sweet deals on coats and stuff.

    i hear sydney is being lame with its weather, hope you're not suffering too much!

  4. I loove the photos! :D and the header on your blog with the macarons are amazing! and it makes me hungry! haaha!