Friday, May 27, 2011

Winter lounging

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These photos were from yesterday, when I finished up editing my Melbourne photos in our living room. We don't have a couch (still! Don't know if we plan to get one really) so we set up our sunroom bench mattresses and the cushions that came with the apartment (very funny actually, the apartment came with nothing but the cushions) as our little lounge area. Pretty and comfy enough, can't complain!

It was freezing although the sun was shining, so I had a few pots of earl grey (that I love drinking with raspberry jam) and was wearing my favourite Happy Feet socks and my new Asos cape, which is so soft and surprisingly warm. I snatched it on sale as it was ridiculously cheap (at least compared to Aussie prices); love it that winter is just starting here when the rest of the world is on sale trying to get rid of winter clothing. :)

It was actually quite nice to have a few days off after Melbourne - I slept as if I didn't get to sleep at all down there. From tomorrow on things will be busy again: work, student ambassador work for orientation week and career fair, leadership conference, catching up with darling Tamara and my relatives, and of course the belated 21st dinner with my homie Phong - that's def gonna be a fancy one!

And then the new college term is starting already - ugh no. So not ready.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Melbourne round 2

Oooh yeah, the party went on indeed. Polly, her boyfriend Charlie (who is awesome by the way. There you go Charlie!) and my three darling mates Phong, Ben and Charles flew down to Melbs last Friday for a long weekend ("to celebrate a good friend's 21st". That's what we told people). We had massive fun sightseeing or just hanging together at the hotel and ate as if we had been starving the whole week before. 2am Chinese supper was a standard meal.

I'd been to Melbourne once before, last year, but this time we had a lot more time so I was able to take the city in more thoroughly. I am deeply in love with their architecture and their wide streets, their millions of lanes and alleys and billions of food and bev outlets. I went for a walk on my own once, and couldn't have felt any more calm and comfortable. I was enchanted by Melbourne's romantic beauty.

And of course I took too many pictures. Hopefully you're patient enough and don't give up halfway through.

At The European, the morning we landed. We took one of the first planes to Melbs so we got there in time for brekkie. The last dish was mine, the Tom Cooper. Gorgeous salmon and pancakes, highly recommended!

The Royal Exhibition Building

Waffles on Degraves. Or was it Centre Place?

Typically Asian, with their hello hellos. That's my gang right there.

At Fed Square

Nobu in Melbourne, how could I not!

Polly super excited about the chicken stall at the Queen Vic Market.

I discovered that our room window could be opened (I guess that's nothing to be proud of, but it was nice to get a breeze in every now and then). The boys doing Charles' signature G6 move. We stayed at the Marriott by the way (how could we not!), always feels like family.

That afternoon walk by myself took me pretty much everywhere - Little Lonsdale, Hardware Lane, Chinatown etc. Ended up going to Degraves/Centre Place again for some berry cheesecake at The Quarter to unwind.

Centre for Contemporary Photography, Fitzroy

Anh and I had lunch at St Jude's Cellars, probably one of the venues I enjoyed most (hence the ridiculous amount of photos). Several wine racks across the spacious room, fresh colours, wood, a communal table, and of course very nice food - love.

Dinner at MoVida Next Door - look who I got to catch up with! Chelsea made all the effort to come join us for some tapas, and lost her oyster, ox tongue and octopus virginity that evening. I'm so proud.

And of course I had to take my crew to Cumulus Inc. I told you, we probably spent 75% of our time in Melbs eating.

Our last Melbourne meal at Supper Inn, which was ironically a Chinese dinner. Well we ended every day with a Chinese supper so we thought we might as well end our trip with Chinese food. Yummo peking duck pancakes!

*Credits to the up-and-coming photographer Chuck "G6" Zhao for taking the pictures I'm in! Phong was too busy operating his own 7D.

Alright that was a photo overload hey, I spent nearly three days sorting and editing them (of course not non-stop but still). Still quite a few missing though - usually I didn't bring my camera when we went out at night or were in a rush, or the photos didn't turn out very pretty (for example the one with Manh Huy; no I didn't forget about you, my camera's just not awesome enough). I'm gonna stop here then, time for dinner - grilled salmon with asparagus and garlic lemon butter, ha! Felt like something fancy for tonight. But that's enough with the rambling, hope everyone's having cosy nights in; Sydney's turned grey and freezing again. Got myself a new poncho/cape that's just perfect for this weather, but more about it maybe tomorrow. I need to stop! x