Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lisa America in Australia

I caught up with Lisa America this afternoon as she is leaving to go back home soon (yeah you guessed it right, she's from America). We had planned a joint blog post/lookbook shoot since ages, however we just ended up chilling and chatting at the beach in the winter sun. Lisa is Irina's flat mate, and although we haven't hung out too many times, I've always had massive fun with her. She's just the type of girl that loves everything and everyone - how could one not enjoy such positive energy? And she's sooo pretty.

I will miss you! Hope we manage to meet up once again before you really leave, I'll wear something proper so you can take my lookbook picture. :)

*Check out Lisa's tumblr LifeObsessions. Love it how she's always excited about everything; once she even wrote on my Facebook wall: "What is your twitter? I have to follow EVERYTHING you do!"