Monday, May 9, 2011

I got it from my mama

I know I'm a day late but I was working yesterday and when I got home at night I skyped with my family. But it doesn't really matter - every day should be Mother's day (just like every day should be Valentine's day. Ok that was random).

My mummy - well, she is stricter than other mothers, and she never does anything for herself (which I dislike; she works so hard but she never would indulge herself with anything fancy, because it's "unnecessary"), but she's the funniest (the cool kind of funny, not the awkward kind. She cracks the most ridiculous jokes in our family, and swears. Gotta love that), and most devoted mummy there is. Everything she's doing is for our family, with the exception of sometimes hanging out with my sister's best friend's mother or her friends from college (like what, 0.7 times a month?), so my dad, my sister, my grandma, my aunt and my uncle, even their kids, and of course I, are so lucky to have her in our lives. Even our cats and dogs get her full attention (see photo below).

There are always unavoidable conflicts between mum and child, and to be honest I wish we were closer than we are now; once I got into my funny teenage phase I guess my parents must have perceived me as rebelling against them (they just have really high expectations, I was fine I promise), so when we talked they were either angry at me or we were talking about other people - I was never able to share my feelings. Especially my mama was always afraid of me doing silly things (you know, Asian parents haha), but there was nothing I could've done about it - I was raised to listen to my parents and the differences in our beliefs were just way too big that there was no point arguing. And my dad would NEVER let me win anyway :)

However I have wonderful memories with my mum, especially when I was little and we were still in Germany. We spent a lot of time together, and I am so grateful that she was patient enough to teach me Vietnamese when I was still in kindergarten - thanks to her efforts I grew up knowing two languages with ease. The funniest memory was that my mum and I were having dinner, and I asked her to smoke a cigarette, just for me to watch. She doesn't smoke (and thank God my dad quit not too long after as well), but she still lit on a cigarette to smoke for me. How silly of myself to ask such thing. And and I still can't believe that she did it; I must have been so excited.

I also am thankful that they gave me the opportunity to come to Australia. Besides from studying for my college degree, I have learnt and grown so much since I got here, all of which wouldn't have happened at home. I understand they always want the best for me but I guess they were a little too overprotective, not trusting me enough just because I'm their child and haven't got much experience. It must have been especially hard for my mum, and my heart broke when she once cried and told me not to go. But I'm glad we did it. Everything I've learnt from them, plus everything I've learnt here, makes me who I am today and I couldn't be happier with where I'm standing right now.

I guess it's time for me to share what I've always wanted to share with my mum. I want her to know how I'm doing in my life, and I bet she does as well. I am proud to be her daughter and never want her to worry about me. I don't think she is at the moment, so it's the perfect setting to take our relationship a step further.

Happy Mother's Day, mummy. And you're definitely gonna get something from me for your special day, unlike our two friends at home (*glancing at dad and my sis*).

Me: "So did you organise something for mum today?"
My sis: "What is today?"
Hopeless. But she's only seven so I guess we can forgive her this time.


  1. your mum is way too cool and i have to admit the part that she's so funny in a cool way =]] and that was a really "something" request you asked her to do back then ;)) and she DID it!! that's awesomely funny, dear.
    btw, do you still keep the same address?

  2. when we're older , we'll know what we had never known :)