Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brand new eyes

When the second Paramore tour in Australia was announced, I couldn't wait to get my hands on some tickets, as I'd missed out on the other show earlier this year. But on Friday, after a whole week of work and rushing to finish my industry training assignment, I wasn't too much in a concert mood.
Of course everything changed once Polly and I got to the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The crowd was surprisingly civilised (not what I would've expected at a rock concert haha!) but a lot of fun, and the show was just fricken incredible - I was so buzzed. Why am I even telling you, there's nothing else to expect from Paramore.

After such amazing entertainment I felt euphoric. Sakhil picked us up and we decided to have a good night out as we were already in the city. We landed at the Scary Canary - just another backpacker bar in the city, but with pretty funky music and a pretty bunch of young gals and guys ready to mingle. And! - We were glowing.

(Yes of course I was wearing my Paramore tee!)

The day after was a windy, gloomy lazy day. We went to have a huge brunch to get us back onto our feet after such a huge night, and I ended up going to the flea market at the primary school, leaving with 2 bracelets and a "new" second hand bag. For dinner I was indulged with homemade Saumon en papillote - and that came with the best mash I've ever had.

The French cookie monster chef on our kitchen bench. That's the way we have dinner at our home - why did we even buy a dining table?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sunday morning list

[Actually it's 12.25 pm already but I just woke up 2 hours ago so it's still my morning.]

* Biggest thing to do today is to start with my industry training assignment. My next day off is Thursday, and it's due Friday, so I better get some decent work done.

* Movie to watch: Eat Pray Love (at first I accidentally typed "play". Hm.). I'm not toooo convinced by the story line but I believe that the movie perfectly suits my mood at the moment and will somehow be very inspiring - you know, finding peace, loving life, et cetera. Although I think I'd still do fine without watching it. ;)

* Paramore at the Sydney Entertainment Centre next Friday!

* Really really thinking about getting tickets to Ingrid Michaelson's show. I definitely don't wanna go alone (mostly because it's in Marrickville and I don't like the idea of taking the train back to the city alone at night, but also because it's always nicer to go to a concert with some company); she's such a great artist though and I definitely think it will be worth it. Gonna start a big search for another Ingrid Michaelson fan then.

* After the assignment stress, really gotta catch up with my reading. Still got "No Reservations" unread on the shelf (not the book to the movie though, but it's also about a restaurant!), and I've only flicked through the October issue of Time Out Sydney to look for things that can't be missed out this month. And this is awkward, but I haven't even finished reading the Harper's Bazaar September issue (or was it October? Those fashion magazines usually run a month early don't they). This happens when I work almost every day, because on the days off I need to recover (which means doing nothing).
Although there's this book I've read recently that I'd really recommend: "Innocence" by Kathleen Tessaro. It's a pure, little melancholic story of an artist that makes you wanna be stronger and believe in love and life.

* Current favourite nail polish: this funky brownish-grey shade from Butter London. It was in last month's Harper's Bazaar ;)

* Current favourite song: Like A G6 - Far East Movement. I know, very sophisticated. But it's such an earworm.

* Best brekkie goes to my dear Polina. She makes the best cream and cheese scrambled eggs in this whole wide world.

* Current favourite word: roar.

* Love it how ANZ actually locked my internet banking because they detected viruses on my computer (didn't detect anything during the scan though, but it could be anything and anywhere as I've logged on on other computers as well, so I'm just really thankful that they're taking care of us). All sorted out, happy days.

* I feel happier than ever before; I think it's very important to find my inner peace and embrace all the good things around me. A very long and in-depth talk with a close friend made me realise I need to refocus on myself to keep me going where I'm heading right now - I'm on my way, so I shouldn't let any other unnecessary things distract me. It's amazingly strange how satisfied and relaxed I'm feeling, and I don't wanna feel any other way anymore.

[* Picture above: My iPhone cover, cut out from a Manly Daily. Polina said: "I'm impressed."]

Life is good

I've been really busy at work so I don't really have anything exciting to blog about these days. This picture is from my friend Phong's birthday though, which was exactly on my only day off this week, and we had a blast celebrating his 21st with dinner at the Four Seasons, shaking our booties at Home and staying at the Westin. I know, fab life, but I'm quite a bit broke now too. Very unfortunately I lost my phone last week as well while helping a friend move apartments, but very very fortunately I got to sign one of the much hunted iPhone 4's, which I made a really fun cover for - I'll post a picture of it very soon. Also my Sabre sunnies arrived yesterday - joy. :)

I tried Curtis Stone's recipe for Tiramisu on Phong's birthday; it was quite a success so I'll make another one for another birthday soon and will document it properly so you guys can enjoy it as well!

Until then... be love. x

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hype me on LOOKBOOK

Day off and other pleasures

Today I had a lunch date with Susan and Tamara from work. We went to Baroque in the Rocks, which I'd heard so much about and always wanted to check out. The open kitchen bistro also had a dessert and macaron bar (so that we wouldn't have to walk all the way to its famous sister La Renaissance for a guilty pleasure), but we weren't paying so much attention to the chefs as we chose to get warm and cozy in the funky dining area further inside. We just fell in love with the blackboards, lamps and surprisingly comfy pink plastic chairs.

 The menu

But it got even better when our food came out. The plat du jour today was "Nose to tail", a lamb dish with tomato, zucchini and olives - and was an absolute bliss. The tender meat harmonised perfectly with the vegetables and tasty jus, and the potato puff was a delicate little surprise. Even the baby tomatoes were still on their stalk!

And of course, how could we not have any macarons for dessert. Like little lip balm tins, they're so cute and colourful that you could just sit there and look at them all day. But then once you've had a taste, there's no turning back.

The only (sadly not very pretty) way to share. 

After the overly satisfying lunch, I went for a stroll with the two pretty ladies. I could feel the summer come a bit closer today - the weather was just absolutely fabulous.

How cute are the claws beneath Susan's Ferré bag?

I myself was sporting an outfit from my recent wardrobe - I'm pretty glad about how I've been able to mix and match my new pieces I've bought for this spring and summer. As I was going out with two fashionistas I felt like I had to dress the part,  but to keep the chill look I matched my dress pants and wedges with an airy boyfriend shirt.

Sabre sunglasses, Subtitled two-toned shirt, Witchery dress pants, Mooloola bag, Rubi wedges (yes, Rubi!), Diva giraffe necklace (worn as a bracelet), handmade bracelet from Manly market.

*Big thanks to Suze for understanding and taking pictures of me. ;)