Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life is good

I've been really busy at work so I don't really have anything exciting to blog about these days. This picture is from my friend Phong's birthday though, which was exactly on my only day off this week, and we had a blast celebrating his 21st with dinner at the Four Seasons, shaking our booties at Home and staying at the Westin. I know, fab life, but I'm quite a bit broke now too. Very unfortunately I lost my phone last week as well while helping a friend move apartments, but very very fortunately I got to sign one of the much hunted iPhone 4's, which I made a really fun cover for - I'll post a picture of it very soon. Also my Sabre sunnies arrived yesterday - joy. :)

I tried Curtis Stone's recipe for Tiramisu on Phong's birthday; it was quite a success so I'll make another one for another birthday soon and will document it properly so you guys can enjoy it as well!

Until then... be love. x

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