Sunday, October 17, 2010

Brand new eyes

When the second Paramore tour in Australia was announced, I couldn't wait to get my hands on some tickets, as I'd missed out on the other show earlier this year. But on Friday, after a whole week of work and rushing to finish my industry training assignment, I wasn't too much in a concert mood.
Of course everything changed once Polly and I got to the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The crowd was surprisingly civilised (not what I would've expected at a rock concert haha!) but a lot of fun, and the show was just fricken incredible - I was so buzzed. Why am I even telling you, there's nothing else to expect from Paramore.

After such amazing entertainment I felt euphoric. Sakhil picked us up and we decided to have a good night out as we were already in the city. We landed at the Scary Canary - just another backpacker bar in the city, but with pretty funky music and a pretty bunch of young gals and guys ready to mingle. And! - We were glowing.

(Yes of course I was wearing my Paramore tee!)

The day after was a windy, gloomy lazy day. We went to have a huge brunch to get us back onto our feet after such a huge night, and I ended up going to the flea market at the primary school, leaving with 2 bracelets and a "new" second hand bag. For dinner I was indulged with homemade Saumon en papillote - and that came with the best mash I've ever had.

The French cookie monster chef on our kitchen bench. That's the way we have dinner at our home - why did we even buy a dining table?


  1. I used to love love love Paramore but for some reason I just went off them? Hayley has such a good voice and ever better hair but. It would have been a great concert.

    Sooo.. thanks so much for your suggestions on what my boyfriend and i can do in sydney - i've printed it off and will try force him to do all those things! Haha. Oh and having macaroons is right at the top of my list now!

    Oh and i'm following you now :)

  2. There hasnt a post of Melbourne, or was there nothing to post? :)) should have stolen u that day.