Friday, October 1, 2010

Day off and other pleasures

Today I had a lunch date with Susan and Tamara from work. We went to Baroque in the Rocks, which I'd heard so much about and always wanted to check out. The open kitchen bistro also had a dessert and macaron bar (so that we wouldn't have to walk all the way to its famous sister La Renaissance for a guilty pleasure), but we weren't paying so much attention to the chefs as we chose to get warm and cozy in the funky dining area further inside. We just fell in love with the blackboards, lamps and surprisingly comfy pink plastic chairs.

 The menu

But it got even better when our food came out. The plat du jour today was "Nose to tail", a lamb dish with tomato, zucchini and olives - and was an absolute bliss. The tender meat harmonised perfectly with the vegetables and tasty jus, and the potato puff was a delicate little surprise. Even the baby tomatoes were still on their stalk!

And of course, how could we not have any macarons for dessert. Like little lip balm tins, they're so cute and colourful that you could just sit there and look at them all day. But then once you've had a taste, there's no turning back.

The only (sadly not very pretty) way to share. 

After the overly satisfying lunch, I went for a stroll with the two pretty ladies. I could feel the summer come a bit closer today - the weather was just absolutely fabulous.

How cute are the claws beneath Susan's Ferré bag?

I myself was sporting an outfit from my recent wardrobe - I'm pretty glad about how I've been able to mix and match my new pieces I've bought for this spring and summer. As I was going out with two fashionistas I felt like I had to dress the part,  but to keep the chill look I matched my dress pants and wedges with an airy boyfriend shirt.

Sabre sunglasses, Subtitled two-toned shirt, Witchery dress pants, Mooloola bag, Rubi wedges (yes, Rubi!), Diva giraffe necklace (worn as a bracelet), handmade bracelet from Manly market.

*Big thanks to Suze for understanding and taking pictures of me. ;)


  1. You look good little lady. I love the wedges! ... and NAILS!!!! What about the colour of your toe nails??? :)) I'm interested in that too!! :))

    "Nose to tail" looks freaking delicious! I'm truly madly deeply yearning for some decent Western food... :( And it's midnight here and so hungry right now.

    Not so much into macaroooons although those are the prettiest ones I've seen! :X

    Awww I gotta do a real-life photo entry like this soon! :* Happy Spring babe. xx

  2. Love the colors, the colors of stuff and of your life nowadays :*

  3. What the hell do macaroons taste like?! I see them all the time and they look so pretty, i've just never had them before.

    I'm going to sydney for the first time in a few weeks i think - these photos make me want to go now!

  4. thanku so much for adding me back on trendtation!

    Your blog posts are amazing!.... great photos!

    I see your a sydney blogger too!... It's great to know that there are other sydney bloggers out there :)

    feel free to visit/comment on my blog,

    ... and add me on google friends if you wish!

    I would appreciate it so much to know what you think!


  5. oh the food and restaurant look amazing, and more importantly YUMMO!! i must go visit!

    yes, i don't think i've ever eaten a maccaroon before, i see them on so many blogs I think i must go try one! haha

    come drop by for a visit or follow too?!

    another sydney-sider,

    x Your Only Blackswan