Thursday, September 30, 2010

Spring in Summer mode

The sound
(Note: The artists and songs below aren't necessarily fresh from this year - they're just who/what I've been listening to this spring and think that they're perfect for this season!)

Ingrid Michaelson
This is the voice you wanna wake up as well as go to bed to. Ingrid's music sounds so effortless, cheerful, warm and next-door-ish, and her voice is so raw and cute that they again make her so distinctive. I'm saying soon she's gonna become the female Jason Mraz. Maybe I should grab tickets to her upcoming concert in Sydney.
Recommended for: lazying in bed and a long brunch after
My picks: Giving UpYou And I (she's performed this song with Jason Mraz at a few concerts too, make sure you youtube it), The Way I AmMaybeBe OK

Florence + The Machine
Nomadic. Gypsyish. Indie. Golden afternoon sun, long wavy hair flying in the wind, running through fields. That's what pops up in my head when listening to Florence. Her grand voice and beautiful, theatrical style makes me feel alive. And jump around the place.
Recommended for: a windy, sunny late afternoon
My picks: You've Got The LoveDog Days Are OverRabbit HeartDrumming SongHowlKiss With A FistGirl With One Eye (which surely reminds me of My Chemical Romance's "Mama")

Mark Ronson
This name might not tell you too much, but if I tell you he's Samantha Ronson's brother, or that he produced Amy Winehouse's "Valerie", it probably rings a bell. I consider him as the Santana of pop: anything labeled with his name screams best quality tunes and collaborations, although he never makes any vocal appearances. Producing a highly dangerous and sophisticated cocktail of pop/funk/hip hop, this (very handsome!) man definitely knows how get the party started.
Recommended for: evening drinks and mingling with a bunch of cool people
My picks: Valerie ft. Amy WinehouseBang Bang Bang ft. Q-Tip & MNDRJust ft. Phantom PlanetOh My God ft. Lily AllenStop Me ft. Daniel MerriweatherThe Bike Song ft. Kyle Falconer & Spank Rock

Sam Sparro
How much fun is it to listen to this fantastically talented gentleman? Funky house beats plus amazing vocals guarantee a sexy time on the dance floor, even if it's just your living room during another house party. Such a shame that Aussie-born Sam isn't excessively celebrated at Aussie bars - but at least Nic Henstridge knows how to appreciate his music and plays his "Black & Gold".
Recommended for: good times shaking your booty
My picks: 21st Century LifeBlack & GoldCottonmouthPocketSickCan't Stop ThisSally

Other summerly spring songs:
Jason MrazAnything You Want
Angus & Julia StonePaper Aeroplane
Bag RaidersShooting Stars
BeirutPostcards From Italy
Empire Of The SunWalking On A Dream
Justin TimberlakeSenorita
Ne-YoSo You Can Cry

The food
Waking up to a sunlit apartment on a day off simply makes you want to lie in bed for another while to enjoy this soothing little luxury, and then indulge yourself with a big fat brunch after finally kicking the sheets off. You just have to admit that munching together from late morning until early afternoon in a warm living room is the nicest meal you could have this spring. Polly and I agreed the brunch we made the other day was the best we'd ever had - with ricotta pancakes, crunchy yoghurt trifle, toast with sunny side up egg, salami and vegemite (our current favourite!), apple mango juice and English breakfast tea.

The activities

Beach volleyball
You know how unathletic I am, but I do enjoy playing/trying to play volleyball down at the beach with my friends every now and then. It's not too hot at the moment, so the spring weather saves you from fainting after getting hit by a heat stroke and too many sun rays while playing, which would most likely happen during summer time. Also you can reward yourself after with the next activity.

Spring swim
You can't imagine how nice the sea water is in spring. Of course it is pretty fresh (especially around your legs), but the surface water is surprisingly warm; once you fail to escape a huge wave, nobody will be able to drag you out.

The magazine cover

It just caught my eye - the colours, the hair, the pose, Gisele's wonderful beauty. Although the colours are a little bit too cool for spring, the photo gives off this really vibrant, lively feel that is so rare on high fashion covers these days. Feeling the new spring glam.


  1. To me, spring IS cool. And the Bazaar cover is just so exquisite! The softness of the colours, the pose and the "beautiful" headline... It's like it's screaming "SPRING" in my ears.

    Babe thank you for sharing all these awesome things. :) It's so weird, cuz right now where I am it's supposed to be autumn but it still feels so much like summer. And we're still waiting for the winter ahead.

    However I'm still listening to shake-ass music pretty much. Lately I've been addicted to the new album of Maroon 5. Then Rihanna's Who's that chick. And The Pretty Reckless. And I'm in here by Sia.

    I have seen Florence and the Machine live on stage (lucky bitch, I know). They're effortlessly amazing. Yes, definitely love You've got the love. Whenever I listen to that song it brings me up so high, makes me think of so many people.

    Within the last week I have done the two "spring activities" that you mentioned above. :X Volleyball: check. Swimming: check. :)) But I almost broke my thumb playing volleyball, and it still fucking hurts now since Saturday :(, nên là hơi sợ đấy cô gái ạ. :)) Swimming is much safer, but I still need to buy new goggles: can't keep borrowing 'em from other ppl :)).

    And DUDE!!!!!!!!!! Last but not least I wanna comment on the food. I wish I lived with people like you or Polly. Or actually LIVED with you two :(( All the food you made seems so healthy, yummy and most important of all: they all look so easy to make =)))) JEALOUS. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could live together :((((((

  2. This hit me immediately! I'm very impressed!! I love all the songs that you recommended. Thank you thank you so much my hali`. As soon as I listened to The Way I Am, I felt like covering the song right away. So sweeet!

    Yup I did play volleyball and swim over summer. It was fun playing volleyball at the camp with my friends, choi thi` it' mah cuoi` gion~ thi` nhieu` nen vui :)). Unfortunately Si has some ear issue so we could not go swimming much. I personally love swimming!

    Today is actually a crappy & wet day. It's been raining and I've been going around on campus with umbrella. But still, reading your spring-mode post made my day.
    Thank you, enjoy spring time and keep me posted.

  3. Thank you girls for your amazing comments; I love it whenever someone leaves a long-ass comment to one of my entries :)

    @HH: I think the colours of the Harper's Bazaar cover are a bit too autumnish. You know, that purple shade. But it is definitely the prettiest I've seen so far! How's your thumb now? And btw, Polly and I don't eat too healthily though. Lots of cream and cheese etc etc haha. We would be having so much fun together if we lived together xx

    @KN: Love it that you're enjoying the music. That's pretty much what I've been listening too these days too. How amazing is Ingrid Michaelson hey? I'm seriously thinking about booking tickets to her show. It's just that I would get off from work easily, but Polly's getting crazy busy, so I'll have to find someone who's interested.

    Enjoy your autumn/fall girls. We don't really have it here (as I've said, it's just pre-summer or pre-winter instead of spring and autumn haha), and I do miss autumn in Germany, it was so pretty. You girls keep blogging too!