Sunday, September 5, 2010

Saturday night at Manly wharf

As promised, I went to film Nic sing at the wharf tonight. I was a bit late but I asked him yesterday not to play Black & Gold until I come out so it was all good :) I just made it to his last songs as his amp battery was dying, and I, with my stupid habit of saving billions of photos on my memory card, only had 2 minutes of recording time left, so he said he would do a very quick version. Except for a few tiny off moments (stupid battery!), it was perfect.

I've been going to Nic's wharf "gigs" since Polly and I first moved into our apartment. I think we went groceries shopping one evening and I just didn't want to go home when I heard him sing. He has this amazingly unique voice, and knows how to add a touch of both melancholy and sexiness to the songs he plays. Plus he plays many of my favourites - with a little twist, so that sometimes you would have to try to figure out what song it is.
Make sure you catch him some time at Manly wharf or Circular Quay, and request for All You Need Is Love or Toxic. And tell him that I sent you. ;)

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  1. racing against the camera and battery :) fastest last chorus ever!