Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Chocolate, flu and sunnies

I love bakeries, and I love leaving a bakery with a bag full of goodies. Not just the pastry inside, but also the crisp paper bag that crinkles in your hands gives me this warm, homely feeling.
Last night after work I felt like treating myself to something chocolate-y, so I went to Guylian Café. I went home with a big peanut chocolate cookie for Polina and a chocolate pistachio muffin for myself, in two white Guylian paper bags, and felt like being little again.

My breakfast this morning - the choc pistachio muffin and a cup of green tea with milk, on my favourite magazine.

I also couldn't resist ordering a new pair of Sabre shades on BrandsExclusive today. I got terribly sick (Polina also), so I spoiled myself a little, even though I still need to renew my health cover. Makes the process of getting better more exciting. Though I hope getting rid of this cold won't take as long as my sunnies to be delivered.

Way Kool.


  1. Get well soon babe! >:D<
    Tui cũng phải cẩn thận ko để bị bịnh nè. Sáng nào dậy cũng hắt hơi xỉ mũi như điên dại.
    Hg ơi I'm not normal, I never ever ever feel like eat chocolate in my lifeeeeeeeeeeee............ :)) :))

  2. Hết bệnh chưa cô bé?
    I've seen many inspiring blogs and I'm so proud that my hali` has one as well :)

    When it comes to blogging, I'm lazy but đọc blog mí người thôi thúc tui quá haha. I love your pictures you took too, interesting!!!