Saturday, September 4, 2010

Posh talk

I have a huge list of places I'd like to check out around the city, but without any specific reasons/occasions to go out I usually find my bum sitting around at home rather than anywhere else. But then something comes up and you end up at places you never really thought of going to... yet.

Mission: To go to Nic Henstridge's big gig
Location: Zeta Bar @ Hilton Hotel
Date and time: Friday 3rd of September, 6pm
Accomplice: Beautiful Sanam from work

We couldn't hear much of Nic's singing as there was no door between the bar and the balcony, and they were playing house inside - the music was nice though, but both at the same time just didn't work out. The place however is really cool: high ceilings, 2 bars with hot bartenders, sexy private booths with curtains and a funky fireplace. The combination of glass, white and dark coloured walls, a mirrored specials board and autumn leaves on the floor gives Zeta a sophisticated but not overdone look. Very posh indeed, but not overwhelming or intimidating like some other high end bars where you always feel like you're not dressed up enough. As in drinks - the bartenders mixed up some heavenly concoctions from an amazing cocktail list; everything sounded yum, looked yum, and definitely was.

My Passionfruit and Almond Rocks. My pampered soul is already begging for more.

Sanam's Rockmelon and Pistachio cocktail, with pistachio sorbet.

The cocktails were pure awesomeness, and the place is perfect for a fancy but relaxed night out; if you just received your paycheck and want to indulge yourself, you know where to go.

After Nic finished his "gig", Sanam and I went to Crystal Bar. (We wanted to go somewhere more "affordable"; Crystal wasn't exactly the case, but well.) She went to their Boudoir show that they have every Saturday night and loved it, so I wanted to see what that place looked like too. Located in the basement of the GPO building, Crystal is this vintage-y bar with stone walls, heavy curtains, large mirrors, private booths and dark red-pinkish lighting. The crystal wall behind the bar was hot pink, and the drinks that the bartender mixed up for us were pretty hot too. He offered to prepare something to our preferences as the menu was getting changed, and pampered me with this nutty (Frangelico), fruity (strawberry and raspberry) improvisation. It was named either Nicki Nutcracker or Knick Knack after me - I forgot which one got chosen. :)

The night ended a little less posh but not with less fun with me meeting up with Polly and her boyfriend Sakhil, who just came back from the States after a 6-week vacation. We all were in such good mood and spent the rest of the night looking for the place to party. After several locations and drinks we decided to go back home - there's nothing better than to chill at our place in Manly.

Love is in the air.

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