Monday, September 6, 2010

Spring fling

Yesterday I woke up at around 8 in the morning and the apartment was flooded with sunlight. We opened the windows and were greeted by a lovely warm breeze. I remember spring in Germany: fresh, green, flowers, but also wet, colds and runny noses. Here in Sydney, spring is the beginning of summer. I've been in such a good mood and can't wait until it gets really hot so that we can hit the water again.
A summerly spring day had to be started with a summerly spring breakfast, so we made ricotta pancakes and a brekkie "trifle", with layers of fruit (mandarin, banana, pear) and crunchy cereals, topped with organic yoghurt. It looked and tasted very, very summerly springish. I got this idea when I was craving for David Jones' food court yoghurt the other day, and I gotta say my version can definitely can keep up with it.

I went for a walk with Benny, and I got to say Manly is the first class summer beach, and we're really lucky to be living so close by. The water was in an unusual blue, and the sand was much whiter than most days. I just wanted to call sick at work and crash at the beach. Just kidding. ;)

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