Friday, June 3, 2011

So long

This week I had to say goodbye to two lovely friends who were heading back home. I'm so glad that our journeys crossed here in Manly and although it's sad that you've left, I'm pretty sure we'll meet again somewhere in this small world. Be good and heaps of luck.

Lisa and I had a proper weekend brunch on a weekday one day after she got back from Queensland, preparing to fly to New Zealand to see her sister and then head back home to the US. Again we had a long-ass conversation about hundreds of things and were once again amazed about how similar our thoughts were. Funny side story: when we said bye at the wharf (because I had to head to the city for work), the ticket booth attendant asked if I was coming back when I asked for a return ticket because he followed our farewell ceremony and thought I was leaving, not Lisa. I guess I would've saved my return trip for next time I'm back from America, duh.

I asked Wasantha recently if he remembered how we met. He suggested that it might have been in the smoking area at college; I myself really don't remember at all. But we partied together quite a bit, and even studied for exams together a little bit as well! I hope you'll enjoy your Swedish summer, and sorry again that I didn't tell you I'm German. :D

Although one of the best parts about living in Australia is meeting and making friends with people from around the globe, it means lots of goodbyes as well when some move on or go back home. But have no fear - Facebook and Skype will keep us connected anywhere we are haha!

Until we meet again x

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  1. ohhhhh goodbyes are always lame :(

    is that the blazer from your facebook dp? i frigging love it..