Friday, June 10, 2011

Suited Up and Barefoot: The new blog.

I've been working on my new blog Suited Up and Barefoot for the last couple of weeks, and finally got some posts together for you to have a first taste. Although it does feature some of my photography, it's more of a space for my interests, activities and writings, split into "suited up" days and "barefoot" days, as in related to college, work or anything busy (ha), or related to my chill out, dreamy, weird, whatsoever days. There's a less lame intro to the blog here! [b][l][o][o][m][i][n][g] [s][u][n][d][a][y] will not be abandoned though, however it will mainly serve as my photography corner and for anything that doesn't really fit onto the other blog.

Hope you'll enjoy and see you over there :)


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