Saturday, April 30, 2011

Saturday morning recap/refocus/resomething

Week 11 of a college term always feels quite important but also kind of random. Most lecturers would spend one class on revision (or exam format, if they make us study the whole book), and would let us watch some movie or come in to ask questions in the tutorial or just give us that class off to have some study time; we'd be rushing to finish any last assignments and use study time as extra sleeping time. Also random festivities were held during this week, such as the Student Ambassador dinner or a spontaneous feast last night with Phong, Ben and darling Anh from Melbs, both at probably my most favourite restaurant in Manly, Hugo's. First we couldn't come up with any reason why we were spoiling ourselves like that (Ben wasn't really though; he insisted on $10 Ivanhoe steak and Ben&Jerry's ice cream after), but then I remembered that the royal wedding was on, so there we go, perfect occasion :P

As you can see I've also revamped my blog a little bit - thought it was time again for a bit of change, especially with winter approaching. I've set up a new comment system as well! Thanks to Disqus you can now use your Facebook or Twitter account to leave comments. Hope to see everyone on my blog more often :) <3

Some (again random) photos from my nearly full memory card. Time to clean up and make some space for Melbourne!

1- Janna, my best friend from elementary school, and me * 2- Four Ate Five, Surry Hills * 3- my window * 4- my little baby girl finding her balance, and her friend letting himself fall next to her * 5- Sydney Road * 6- our living room window * 7- Double Phoenix at the Pool * 8- Manly beach * 9- Manly Wharf * 10- The Pony Room, Manly

The weather in Sydney is miserable (on-off sun/rain), and I feel the same. I thought I fought the Easter Sunday cold but today I feel like crap again. I went all the way to the city as I planned to check out Nicola's new restaurant at Westfield (an extension to the cafe with amazingly amazing gelato and macarons, yep) and then pick up Tamara from work so we can come back to Manly together, but I arrived in the rainy city only to catch the next ferry back because I felt like returning to my bed and nothing else. Bought flu tablets and vitamins (yes, also vitamin D Dr Henstridge) and am simmering my porridge for later at the moment. Oh and now it's sunny again, thank you very much.

Something random again, but did you know about viewing your blog in Dynamic view? Totally love it and never knew about it until today when I was fixing up my new layout! Just add /view at the end of your link (as in and enjoy.

Ugh I can't wait for exams to finish (*note to self: start studying tomorrow. No excuses.) and then fly to Melbs with my peeps. Everyone's getting really excited about it. Acts as our light at the end of our exam tunnel.

One last random picture to finish off this super random post:

[taken by Phong last night at Hugo's with his superfancy and superheavy new 7D]
My new Facebook profile picture. We're gonna paint Melbs red man.


  1. Baby girl I love your point-and-shoot style. :X Love love love the one balancing on the beach :)) Nice moment.
    Your entries are always clogged up with so much information that I don't know what to comment on, and this one is no exception! =)) Mà sao cứ cách từng entry là lại có mention macaroon vậy? :)) I notice that you have a picture of them stuck on your board too! :))
    Aw, thời tiết ở đây cũng thay đổi chóng cả mặt! :-s Nhưng đc cái là bữa giờ trời mưa nên mát mẻ lắm, làm nhớ Sài Gòn dễ sợ. :( Mùa mưa á. :(
    Get well soon dear! I suck at taking meds so when I have all the symptoms I just... eat a lot of hot soup. :)) :* Holidays are around the corner rồi, ránggg. :*

  2. I went camping for the Royal Wedding dear, was indeed a good excuse for some fresh air outside the library. Afterwards I slept for 15 hours straight, to make up for a sleepless night. The bride was stunning, she is so beautiful. The dress makes everyone' s dream.
    Well enough of the wedding thingy. Get well soon dear. I need to get a camera, your photos make me dreammmmmm:) Miss you loadssss xxxxxxx
    Btw, how do you get the FB's Like button here? Tell me tell me

  3. lovely photos! you've got a fab blog too!


  4. Love ur pictures Chicken ! U re talented ...