Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy days

Sunday night was Shore Club night and Charlie said if I was coming out he'd treat us with breakfast. I was gonna go for a bit anyway as I had promised Polly that I would, so this was the coolest bonus I could've gotten. Tuesday morning we started school at 10 so we rolled off to college happily after being fed with pancakes, several types of spreads and fruit salad all morning. We're lucky to have at least one Frenchman left in the house.

Speaking of being fed, last Saturday after work I went to see my Italian college bud Nicola at his workplace, Via del Corso at Westfield. I went home with a stomach full of ice cream (try the lychee sorbet, oh em gee) and a box of macarons. To die for, as usual.

I know the song has absolutely nothing to do with this post, but the breakfast was on Tuesday morning so I thought of it.
We were finding out who we are.


  1. These photos are adorable. I mean, seriously. If that picture of crepes and fruit isn't cute, I have no idea what is. (If I sound sarcastic, I'm not... I actually think these are cute. I don't want to come off as mean and sadistic.)

    ... :)

  2. I so agree with Mischeif Managed. The pictures are so cute! In fact, I looked at a lot of your posts, and they're all cute. Looks like you're having a fun life. Yay!

    ...Is it sad that I've never tried macaroons?

  3. Thật là có tinh thần blogging cao màaa!! Cắn 1 miếng rồi phải dừng lại để chụp hình 1 tấm... cực quá =)) sao chịu nổi =)) gặp tui chắc ngồm ngoàm trong 10s, dek chờ nổi quáaa :))