Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Busy being busy

College week 5 - we're nearly halfway through the term. Can't wait for term break really, can't wait to run back into the arms of the days with lots of hours to sleep, even more hours to do nothing, quite a few hours to cook and eat and laugh and relax and walk around barefoot. We're just way too busy being suited up and meeting deadlines and rushing off to work and trying to eat something proper these days, and a free day is now often spent catching up with the outside world rather than lying at home wasting precious minutes of sunshine or fun. Resting and blogging and editing pictures belong to rare hours of the night, most of them usually spent resting. And there's not really much to blog about anyway - I don't think you're interested in my upcoming Human Resources presentation or my academic essay plan. Not running a study tip blog here. :D

Anyway, some stuff outside of college and work world that's been coming to my mind lately...

1- Next holiday: been thinking about going on a quick trip with my mates during term break, especially as I'll be celebrating my 21st this May. Considering Gold Coast (Miami much?) or Melbourne (I know, again! But it's not too far from Syd and heaps of fun), but nothing has been planned or decided yet. Let's see how we go, most likely my awesome friends will get lazy and pull out last minute, and we'll end up booking a room in Sydney or having hot pot and getting smashed at home instead. *sighs* ;)

2- My birthday: speaking of my 21st (which is not too far away anymore), although I'd love to have a cosy house party or a barbecue down at the beach, I also wanna go for a really good dinner this year. I got this list of Sydney restaurants I wanna go to, still a few thousands to tick off (jokes. Let's say around 50). Top candidates would probably be Cafe Sydney, Duke, Porteno, Ms G's, Bistrode, Marque and Bentley. Omg I'm getting all hungry.

3- Lipstick: as most of you know I'm rather an eyeliner girl, but I am actually a big fan of nude/beige lips too. M.A.C's Viva Glam Gaga 2 has really caught my eye, and what's better than shopping for a good cause: all proceeds go towards the M.A.C Aids Fund. Red lips and black eyeliner are hot as well, but maybe I'm a bit too tanned for that.

4- Moving apartments: Polly and I will be moving out of our adorable apartment by the end of May :( but I'm also excited about settling into a new place. Will definitely make some time to go to markets and find a sofa for our living room, and really want to make a photo wall for my own room. Don't wanna think about the whole packing-moving-unpacking process though. :(

Well yeah, that's pretty much it, because most of the "off duty" time is spent thinking about how to sort out assignments and presentations and doing research and whinging that there's too much to do. And what to (hopefully) do on weekends, when I allow myself to breakaway from thinking about all that !@%$#! for a bit.

Some pictures I've taken recently, edited in the late hours after work last night.

1* My bedside table * 2/3/4/5* Manly beach, Manly to Shelly swim * 6* Pretty much self-explanatory. * 7* Eggs In Situ * 8* Ivy Pool Club * 9* Osborne Road, Manly * 10* Nic Henstridge @ Jah Bar * 11* Chucks in the sky

Ok, back to real life. *sighs* Toodles x

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  1. loving the pics!!! kiddo hanging on the scooter is my fav!!