Thursday, March 3, 2011

College Week 1

Some random pictures from when I just got back from Vietnam and before Laurent left. It was the first week at college and we were very unhappy hearing about all the assignments we have to hand in this term. However Katie was staying with us that week so we still had heaps of fun just down the college hill (especially on Icebreaker night; we had a blast partying at home instead of the Bassment - see above). I love capturing (or being captured in, as you can see) everyday moments; most of the time they turn out to be the better pictures that will always put a smile on your face. Not that I'm trying to say that partying is an everyday activity in our household.
By the way I'm really fond of taking b&w pictures these days, especially when the weather isn't very nice. But monkey's muffins had raspberries in them so I made an exception. :)

*credits to Laurent and Polly (and maybe Katie too? :D) for taking some of the pictures x

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  1. I love your photos so much again! Can't say that nearly enough!! These are the ones that you're gonna look back, 10 years from now, and think, Hell yeah I had a really rocking youth... And B&W never goes out of style. :*