Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Continuing my "current favourites" series from my ancient 360 blog. :)

1- James Franco
Saying that I'm a huge fan could get awkward for me because I haven't seen his recent movies (note to self: watch 127 Hours this term break). But the fact that he is so successful with his acting while doing all the other things he's doing (directing and producing his own films, painting, studying for a PhD and God knows what else. That's why he doesn't really sleep) is very very inspiring. He makes all of us look bad, not just his fellow actors/actresses; I feel embarrassed now whinging about the work load I have to cope with and better get my act together and do some work tonight. But let's not discuss the question if we're all lazy bums - maybe he's just a fricken restless genius. A hot one, I have to say.

source: fanpop.com

2- Nirrimi's photography and blog We Live Young
You might have seen Diesel's Fall/Winter ad campaign. Nirrimi Hakanson, the 18-year-old Australian girl who shot the campaign, is one of the very few bloggers I follow passionately. I adore how her pictures are so deeply emotional, wild, free-spirited, usually a little melancholic, the way she works movement and colours in her photos, and how her writing pours from her heart. Her gypsy life is nowhere similar to what I'm used to, but the way she illustrates and expresses her feelings is very genuine, touching and encouraging. I write a lot to clear my head and understand myself as well; although I'd rather keep those thoughts to myself, I love enriching my emotional perspectives by reading personal blogs such as Nirrimi's or my very close friend Hoa's.

Some of my absolute favourites. All from Nirrimi's blog.

I don't spend too much time on this website but they always have funky stuff that catches my attention. Australia-based Lifelounge provides you with the not-your-average dose of entertainment by showcasing  cool music, fashion, arts, photography and technology that you might or might not yet know about. I enjoy the urban feel of the website and especially frequent their photography section. Don't think there's any quicker way to learn about lovelies like Architecture In Helsinki or Frederike Helwig.

4- Cage The Elephant

A few weeks ago I was looking for some new music and came across their latest album "Thank You Happy Birthday". Their sound feels like a mix between MGMT, Gorillaz and My Chemical Romance to me - somehow a little gloomy and theatrical, but at times also quite dreamy and romantic. Again has a similar effect on me like Florence + The Machine and makes me want to run, crash at the beach at sundown and take photos of fun people having fun times. My favourites are Always Something, Shake Me Down, 2024Right Before Your Eyes, and Rubber Ball and Flow for more quiet moments. Also love it that they're so colourful!

5- Nic's Japanese sleeve
Never really been into tattoos but Nic's is very beautiful and in some way suits him very well. Looking at it always makes me think of home - I miss my grandma's place with her amazing flowers and the fish pond in the middle of her house.

The only photo in this post that I took myself haha.

Hope everyone's had a great Easter (and Anzac Day, in case you live in Australia too)! It's been my best Easter so far... We got in total 5 days off, and it didn't really bother me that I had to work 3 shifts because I still had quite a bit of time for my social schedule. Thursday night I had a nice catch-up with Nic (you might remember him from the Black and Gold video; we've become mates now haha), of whom I have a home video that I can use for blackmail purposes (I myself love it but he doesn't want it to become an obstacle to his career because apparently it's stinky. It was a cover of this song, and Nic, if you did some more proper recording I'd have something to actually post on my blog instead of just mentioning it). I spent some quality time having dinner and going out with my girls Irina, the two Polinas and Lisa Thursday, Friday and Sunday night, finally got to meet up with my lookbook mate Michael who was in Sydney over Easter, and had this rare but absolutely fantastic talk with Benny, who picked me up for homemade soup Saturday night. However I must have caught a cold after the Sunday night rain and haven't been feeling too well since yesterday; last night I slept around 10 hours, which I normally don't do, even on days off. Will pump myself with vitamins and flu tablets before I go to bed tonight.

* Work aggressively on the Marketing group assignment until Friday
* Start getting notes together for exam revision
* Precisely plan exam weeks and term break
* Plan things to do in Melbs
* Delete my 34690932801 photos from my camera
* Wait for next work roster and plan birthday festivities

2 and a half weeks to go until term break! 2 weeks until my 21st! Let the countdown and stress begin. Should really have happened already and not only now.



  1. Just looked up that site Life Lounge - thanks for sharing, i just bookmarked it :)

    Oh how good is Nirrimi's blog? she is such an inspiration !