Saturday, April 16, 2011

I'd like to request a day off please

Currently addicted to: Kate Nash - Made of Bricks. I know it's not the most recent album but it's sooo funky.

It's Friday, 11.04pm, and I've been in bed since at least half an hour. I know, booooring, but I'm just so exhausted that I know I wouldn't have any fun going out tonight. Thank you uni work, you officially wasted one of my precious Friday nights out haha.

I'll be reliving my past instead then. Last Sunday Polly, Phong and I went to brunch at In Situ, and it already feels like aaages ago. The weather was lovely, the three of us hadn't been out together for quite a while, and brunch is simply the best meal to enjoy with your mates on the weekend. Maybe this Sunday again?

My new shubar boots from Hype. Couldn't resist. And the shop assistants there are super funny as well :)

Oh and I went to the Insight + Something Else sale the other day (I made all the effort to go to Rosebery before work that day!), and bought a super cute Insight trilby hat for $10. Bar-gain.

Me in my Korean floral chiffon dress with my new find/favourite.

4 more weeks until this term is over chyeaah. Oh god I can't wait until this huge mess of work and college leaves me alone for a few weeks. I'll be working 4 days in a row starting tomorrow, and have two assignments due before Easter. I can see myself going into the hols all bruised and beaten up.

*Note to self: request for Anzac day off.

Oh and by the way, a part of our ceiling in the corridor just fell down. No jokes.


  1. OMG THOSE BOOTS!!!!! I am drooling.

    And yeah, tell me about it. :-<I'm going crazy pretty soon here too. Next week we're having the Easter holiday, and I thought I would have the time and the leisure to go away to China, but NO - can't possibly finish off anything YET. I'm stressed. :( And time's running out... We need some super power. x x