Friday, November 12, 2010

Recent happenings

Just a quick update on things I've been up to these days.

*In the kitchen

Curtis Stone is brilliant man. As simple as his food might seem, they couldn't be any yummier. I made two trays of raspberry almond muffins the other day - they were gone in a blink of an eye. Also did I try making his corn and bacon muffins; Polly calls them "morning life savers". Heated up with lots of butter - hhmyuuum. Will share the recipes when I more have time - the love has to be spread.

*Sing until your lungs give out

I went to see Ingrid Michaelson last night (yes, I did grab tickets after all!). I would've missed out on some serious magic if I hadn't - she should just get paid to play music and hypnotise people. (Well, she does get paid to play music already. But you know what I mean.) I wish all concerts were as amazing as hers - her voice was incredibly rich, and the band harmonised so perfectly that when I closed my eyes I thought I was listening to a fine tuned acoustic record. I wanted to slap myself for forgetting my camera at home; but I don't think I'd ever forget that sensational, breathtaking vibe at the show, and the happiness that filled my little soul.

Who else I've been listening to:
Sia / CocoRosie / The Chemical Brothers / Eliza Doolittle / Washington / Meaghan Smith / Rock Mafia / Empire Of The Sun


Polly, Benny and I had this really fun night out at Sugar Lounge. At some point we started talking about what we like about one another. I'm not gonna publicise our top secret discussion here on my blog :P but I can tell you I was near my tears. I absolutely enjoy my time with you, know I can rely on you and that we're always around for one another. You guys are awesome.

[pictures taken by Phong da Playa. Love you too! :D]

*Out and About

I went to Flugtag last weekend - I remember seeing similar competitions online or in the papers some time (maybe it was Flugtag, somewhere else in the world), so I was curious. It was a sunny day, and there couldn't have been a better location than Mrs Macquarie's Point for an event like this - the backdrop was stunning. I wish someone would've come with me to enjoy this fun day a bit longer - it wasn't exactly something to go alone to. But I absolutely loved the first team with their deadmau5-ish heads and the one crew member who jumped after their plane :)

The "plane" quite looks like the Red Bull hey.

Also I've been enjoying the markets in Manly; the other day I went to the market held at the primary school, and came home with some lovely findings.

My "new" second hand satchel with my beloved Mooloola bag.

So true.

Packed weekend coming up - you guys have a good one too! x

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  1. Oooo hello lovely satchel ! Nice find.

    In Melbourne we have the birdman rally held over Moomba weekend in March - I think it's pretty much the same thing, so funny to watch.

    Are you studying at a private college? I think I’ve heard of it, but can’t think of the name right now.. And yes you really need to venture out into the sticks, I can’t imagine growing up anywhere else.

    Oh and I’m sooooo excited for the US, you should defs go for your 21st! I’ve been saving my arse off trying to get enough money and I think I should be right. I got my SLR as a present for my 21st off my parents - maybe you should ask yours reeeaaalllyy nicely.