Thursday, November 11, 2010

My world through a lense

Photography is my literature.

My pictures tell stories,
make you smile,
hide my tears,
and drown us in dreams.


  1. Babe,
    không khéo cái blog này sẽ trở thành 1 photoblog! :)) :X
    I f*cking love the new header of this page btw. Còn có vụ Tickle my Pet nữa :)) :)) hahaha...

  2. Oooo love the new header ! Oh lul, glad I remind you of a disabled boy. I once had to get stiches on my forehead and wore a turban thing, wasn’t very attractive but.

    Oh I thought you must have grown up in Manly, that’s so cool that you moved there, what an effort! What do you study? And sick that you live with your best friend = perfect setup! I think I had duck or something at Hugo’s but wow, best pizza in the world, that’s why everyone was eating it!

    I live about 100k’s east of Melb, near a place called Warragul. It’s full on out in the sticks but I love it. I don’t think I’d last in a city long..

    I love that polaroid here too, beautiful shot.