Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And the sun will set for you

Once again: Manly is the best place to be.

Pssh, don't argue. This is all I have to "say".

Oh I know you wanna be here too.

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  1. Hi Nicole :)

    Yes we went to Manly! But we didn't have much time as I was shopping for a dress all Sunday morning at Chatswood Chase, so we just drove up to Manly instead of catching the ferry! And we had to leave to head back to Canberra for my flight so it was a very rushed weekend :( I frikking loved Manly though.. We ate some food at Hugo's (?) on the wharf bit, got a bag of lollies from that indoor place and just chilled out for an hour or two. And Sydney was amazing too, it tops Melbourne in a lot of things!

    Do you live close to the beach at Manly? I was actually thinking about you whilst we were there - even though I hardly know you :| But thanks so much for the suggestion, it was great!

    I printed off what you said and showed my boyfriend and was like "THIS is what we have to do", but yeah fully lacked the time. So no macaroons :( I think you should probably send me one in the mail haha. I will never get around to it..

    Wow, that was a novel. You're officially informed.