Monday, November 22, 2010

Curlin' up in Curl Curl

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I've been working all week (literally all week - I'm rostered for 9 days straight) so I didn't have much time to retouch my pictures from last weekend. Laurent and I were supposed to make a day trip to Palm Beach last Saturday, but because it would've taken us ages to get there and he had to work that night, we decided to go to Curl Curl instead. Everything was so pretty and peaceful - the weather, the beach, the cliffs, the ocean water pool, the breaking waves. I felt like I was on holiday.

Looking at these pictures makes me think of some words I've picked up from all those times holding the line when I tried to reach Marriott Reservations: refreshed, revived and reenergised. I hope I picked them up correctly though.

I'm hardly at home these days; I love it when both my work and social lives are busy, but I'm kinda looking forward to having a few lazy days soon some time. I miss sleeping in, having big fat brunches, strolling around Manly and lying at the beach all day. But I'm not complaining at all, I enjoy work :) and Christmas is coming up soon so I need to save some money!

Just a few random pictures from my phone - Chelsea is so right; there are moments that just won't wait for you to grab a proper camera.

Prep for our favourite pasta

Tiramisu I made last week

Polly, Diego and me at Wharf Bar. Diegi is going back to Brazil soon :( we're gonna miss him so much.

Manly wharf, the place I fall in love with over and over again.

Me at the Ivy Changeroom

Tamara's studio in sun light

On my way home after work tonight

My eyes are getting heavy. And I'm hungry. Time to sleep.

Oh I forgot - this was my Curl Curl outfit. :) Yes, still lookbooking.


  1. ooo i got a mention :) those are nice photos from at the beach - and I just hyped you on lookbook!

    That tiramisu looks lovely. I can make packet mixes of chocolate mousse, but that's about it, haha.

  2. wow, photos are amazing as always my little girlfriend! ;)) And any explanation too for those cuddly ones? They fit so perfectly with the title, đúng quả là curlin up in Curl <3 I love. xx

  3. Great day and photos! :) Really understand a feeling of having a day off after 9, 10 straight working days! haha... I've been through! Wanna talk to you girl! I have time all day today! Call me when you get online!