Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I can't speak French, so I let the music do the talking

1 + 2 At my place / 3 At your place / 4 + 5 Sydney Aquarium / 6 Sydney Tower / 7 + 8 Sydney Opera House / 9 + 10 Harbour Bridge

Because every moment with you is a precious one.


  1. I love your photo-journal. Such colourful life through the lens. x x

  2. first photo is so gorgeous. and seahorses. and the harbour bridge. magical post!

  3. gosh i want seahorses so bad!

    Your Australia Day sounded so lovely.. passing out on the grass with your boyfriend? Haha classic. Oz Day is just the best.

    In response to your Q about what I won on Australia Day Eve - it was a $20 drink card for the pub i was at. Perfect!