Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food and Fashion

Well it was the other way around (as in going to see fashion first and then have food), but Fashion and Food sounds lame.

So the other day Polina and I went to the Powerhouse Museum because there were quite a few fashion exhibitions, and like every other girl that's what we prefer to see at a museum. There was one with a few very unique objects, like the installation of the Opera House you can see above, and this wonderful set of drawers.

I'm gonna fix up something similar for my own place... some time in the far future.

Also there was this "Frock Stars" exhibition, which detailed everything that made up Sydney Fashion Week - from entry passes to goodie bags to runway commentators, to whatever went on behind the scences: after parties, design studios etc. Literally, only the people were missing.

Another amazing exhibition was "Creating the Look: Benini and Fashion Photography". Honestly I had no idea who they were, but the Benini couple were pretty damn gifted. The pictures boasted with vividness and inspiration - they just made me want to run around all day with my camera again.

The weather was lovely so we decided to end the day in the city with a fabulous meal. The first time Polly and I went out together was back by the end of term one, and we were just walking around in Sydney exploring things (I know, it sounds really sad). We got kind of lost in the Rocks, and fell in love with the Nurses Walk. To celebrate our friendship ;) we went there for a late lunch at Vintage Cafe.

It's a cute, cosy little cafe with the regular selection of cafe food you'd expect. We heard that at night it would turn into a tapas bar with live music - sexy... We were quite full after Polly's Caesar salad already so we couldn't enjoy our mains to the full, but we'll definitely be back to sit outdoors for a glass of sangria.

Polly's meat balls

My barramundi in lemon butter and baby spinach

We'll be back painting the town red again. Very soon.


  1. Đấy, những thứ như thế này đây mới khiến mình nhớ một London hay Sydney khi đi xa biết bao. Ra ngoài xem và học được bao nhiêu điều. Mấy cái exhibitions Hg để lên, con gái mình nhìn mê ơi mê thiệt. :x

    And last note, just wanna say that I love sangria. I made it at a friend's party here about 2 weeks ago. I miss it so much, especially when it reminds me of a big sis that I have in London.


  2. Hey, I dont think anyone could come up w the better title for this post. haha... Fashion and food are great together (maybe just for girls)! =)

    Good life babe! :*